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The Process

At Liying Jewelry, crafting luxury jewelry is a bespoke journey, meticulously tailored to each client's unique vision. Our process epitomizes the essence of personalized luxury, ensuring that every piece tells a distinct story of elegance and individuality.

Appointment and Consultation

The journey begins with a personal appointment where our skilled artisans engage in a detailed consultation with the client. We delve into their preferences, style, and the emotions they wish to encapsulate in their custom piece.

Our expert designers collaborate closely with the client, offering design suggestions that align with their taste and vision. Whether it's a timeless engagement ring, a statement necklace, or a personalized bracelet, every detail is considered to create a design that resonates with the client's desires

Selection of Stones and Metals

We curate a selection of the finest high-end materials, including precious metals like gold and platinum. Clients have the privilege of handpicking the material that resonates with their style, ensuring that their piece is a reflection of their unique taste. Our clients are guided through the process of selecting stones and diamonds, where they can choose from an exquisite array of options. Each gem is chosen for its quality, cut, and brilliance, with our experts providing insights to help clients make informed decisions

Handcrafted Precision

Once the design is finalized and materials selected, our skilled craftsmen embark on the meticulous process of handcrafting the piece. Every cut, setting, and detail is executed with precision and care, ensuring that the final creation surpasses expectations. At Liying Jewelry, we embrace the artisanal approach. Our craftsmen invest time and expertise to bring the design to life, infusing it with the craftsmanship and passion that define our brand. Before reaching the hands of our clients, each piece undergoes rigorous quality checks. We ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of excellence.

About Us

At Liying Jewelry, our story is a tapestry woven with heritage, modernity, and touches of both the East and the West. Our mission is to create custom luxury jewelry that expresses your authentic self, designed in sunny California.

Drawing on my family's decades of experience in high-end luxury jewelry in Hong Kong and Taiwan, I set out to create a jewelry experience that is not just adorned, but lived. Liying Jewelry is a celebration of individuality and authenticity.

Each moment deserves to be celebrated exactly the way you wish. We work with you to ensure every detail is taken care of and your jewelry is the truest expression of the ever-evolving beauty of who you are.



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